Design is changing. The most prominent trend is that design is being recognised by businesses and organizations, and a whole new field is emerging.
People often refer to it as service design, a holistic discipline that is core for the Product-Service System Design MSc of Politecnico di Milano University: this research has been carried out by Matteo Remondini between July 2015 and July 2016 as part of the final dissertation tutored by Anna Meroni.


The aim of this research is to help clarifying what service design is today, what are the emerging trends and how to contribute to its development as a product-service system designer. This research has been conducted in London, where service design was born and is steadily evolving.


To accomplish this task, a discrete quantity of interviews has been carried out in order to highlight and compare some of the industry most relevant personalities’ different perspectives on the subject. The interviews have been supported by traditional bibliographic research and constant participation to dedicated events/conferences. All the views expressed in the interviews are personal and do not reflect those of the employees.


Some recurring topics emerged from interviews and desk research, in the making of this study: a conceptual map is provided for each topic, in order to help summarising results and explaining some of the most relevant trends.
The transcribed interviews are published on this website that let users filter and quickly compare different opinions on the topics they are more interested in.

The full report, which includes the theoretical part, bibliography and references - and the transcripts of the interviews is publicly available.

About the author

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